Welcome to Cooper's New Reality Garage

Working WITH YOU to create your new realitY


We are a new BC-based studio dedicated to Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Virtual Reality technologies and solutions.

Founded by an experienced crew of developers and designers with decades of practical, hands-on experience making high-profile, high-quality interactive products and services across PC, mobile, console, VR and AR platforms.


We work alongside our clients to propose ideas, or develop their own; shaping concepts into incredible experiences that will engage, entertain and motivate audiences around the world.

Sometimes we guide our partners, sometimes they guide us, and together we create amazing, ground-breaking new realities.


Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality. Mixed Reality.

Enhancing reality is the future. At Cooper's New Reality Garage, we will work with you to enhance your brands and blend the digital world with the real world in new, exciting, and measurably effective ways.

Your customers want to interact with your products in their homes, at their dinner tables as a family, while they're out and about, and at your locations.

We'll show you how.


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Joe Bonar


Joe has been making video games and interactive products and services for 30 years, creating packaged product, digital download, free-to-play, and VR games for room-scale and mobile hardware.

Starting out as an assembly-level programmer on Commodore 64 in 1987, he has touched just about every aspect of interactive development since then. He enjoys applying himself to building studios, building great teams, and creating engaging experiences.

Rob Baxter


With over fifteen years of game design experience, he has contributed to award-winning tabletop board games, mobile tap-tests, and AAA console zombie kill-a-thons.

He specializes in pure game design, in-depth product analysis and exploration, documentation, and ideation.

He is also a certified scrum master.

David Hinds


He is trained in a traditional arts background, and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts: Media Arts and Digital Technologies degree from ACAD.

Since starting out int he industry at EA Vancouver, David quickly moved into a leadership role, creating effective direction for projects that span consoles, PC, and mobile platforms. His most recent project was 'Tooth and Claw' for HTC Vive.


Lance Davis, C.A.


Lance Davis C.A. is regarded as an industry leader, providing strategy and solutions focused solely on delivering profitable strategies to organizations looking to increase profits and move their business model to the next level.

Over the last 20 years, he has focused on the video game and interactive technologies sector.